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This is the story of familial problems and changing minds between spouses. This is the story of İzzet and the many colorful people in his life. İzzet is overwhelmed with his children’s problems caused by adolescence and their immigration status in Germany. Ela is after the love of her life. Önder wants to live a mischievous life through football and rap music. His wife Gülfem exhausts İzzet with her jealousy.

She wants to earn lots of money, the easy way. Her brother Serdar badly influences Önder. Her sister Sevda has turned her need to protect Gülfem and all women into misandry. İbo wants to uncover the meaning of life. Rıfat complicates everything with his lies. Vahit’s love for Ela is never-ending.  Veli keeps trying and failing to find a job. Pınar, the cleaning lady, has endless dreams and wisdom about familial problems. Erdal is the handsome referee of every conflict. Not only that, but people in Kreuzberg keep enraging İzzet, a shopkeeper, with their fresh methods everyday.

TIMS Production

Timur Savcı
Ali Fidan
Jale F. Sert

Directed by
Ali Fidan

Written by
Mesut Hastürk
Barkın Şenüren



Pınar Ericin, Vedat Ericin, Şengül Oğul, Soner Arslan, Uğur Polat, Cem Sultan Ungan, Hülya Duyar, Veli Akkuş, İlker Şenkaya

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