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Love, betrayal, conscience and revenge intertwine and two people cross roads just when their lives get turned upside down. Dağhan gets a life sentence after losing the best years of his life, his dreams, his future and the woman he desperately loves because of a crime he did not commit. Selvi, a lawyer trying to get rid of her ever-growing guilt, enters his life and tries to reverse his life sentence.

ETERNAL is an exciting, highly charged love story that starts with a crime committed years ago and the increasing feeling of its guilt as the years pass and continues when Dağhan is set free and pursues the truth. A slowly simmering love story between Dağhan and Selvi, his “savior”… As this story of love blossoming in a struggle between justice and redemption expands to engulf the other characters, the circle that closes in on everyone gets tighter and tighter.

TIMS Productions

Timur Savcı
Burak Sağyaşar

Directed by
Umur Turagay
Feride Kaytan

Written by
Elif Usman
Deniz Büyükkırlı
Sevgi Yılmaz Altunyurt
Alper Erze



Engin Akyürek, Fahriye Evcen, Sarp Levendoğlu, Gülcan Arslan, Tansu Biçer.

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